wedding samples+birthday gifts

Here are two things that I did today:
No. 1:
I made a flower sampler kit for a magazine style director, I hope that my choices are approved.
These will be mailed tomorrow: best luck to my pretties for a safe journey.
I think that I love flowers quite a lot.
{orange poppies+bubble gum pink forget-me-not's+mint primroses+
scarlet roses+cream/butter daffodils}
{2-2.5" roses: strawberry pink+peach}

No. 2:
Wrapped gifts for my sisters birthday:
all are handmade of course.
Some earrings+pins

I made this box too. I really like it+want to find an excuse to make more.


  1. an excuse to make more sell in your shop!

  2. I've been plotting ideas for new boxes for the shop, these would be so cute for Valentines etc. Perhaps these will suddenly pop up in the shop very soon... ;)