dotted tags

I have been making custom orders this weekend. I stuffed these in as quickly as I could.
{I'm listing them right now into the shop: }


merlot daisies

I have been looking at the faces of these flowers all day. Merlot and concord grape daisies.
Some special flowers for a Bride and her maids.
I have multiple giveaways coming up within the next two weeks! Wow: stay tuned for more news on the loot. :)


to package

Highlights of today:
I packaged tons of stuff.
I was on the front page this afternoon. Wow. :)
It almost always catches me off-guard.
I was featured in a post on
I packaged more stuff...


White Flowers

Here are some promised sample pics, I did them in white to show the details of each flower.

The large carnation.

It is about 4 3/4 to 5 inches in diameter. Fluffy and crinkly.

The miniature carnation. These are about 1 1/8 inch in diameter.

The small rose. These are about 1 7/8 to 2 inches in diameter.

The small daffodil. These are about 1 7/8 inch in diameter.

The over-sized dogwood blossom. This one is about 5 3/8 inches in diameter.


Plum+Wine Daisies, Meringue Tags, and A Preview

I have been making things all day, and still haven't gotten everything on the Wednesday list done...

Daisies in some gorgeous shades of Plum, Purple, Merlot, and Cream.

The meringue tags.

A preview pic of a fabulous butterfly giveaway that I'll be hosting on a fellow etsians blog.


Some-more daisies

Here are two of the photo's of the pretties I listed tonight...
I ran out of time to take photographs today, I have very patient people awaiting pics of stuff.
{I'll get them posted tomorrow! really I will. :):):)}

I have lots of new daisies to post. I'll be posting/listing more as soon as I can.
And lots of new butterflies and other lovely things {to see the butterflies, just drop by the shop :)}

Other stuff:
I've been featured in two lovely treasuries.
{I have links in my etsy shoppe announcements: }
One of them has some fantastic millinery sources. I am so crazy for hats.


wedding samples

Here are lots of pictures of some lovely things that I sent off in the mail today.
They are wedding samples. I hope they love them too. ;)

Copen Blue dotted Cream, Butter, Coral, and Lake blue Poppies.

Apricot+Coral, Cream+Butter, and Golden Yellow+Baby Blue Mini Daffodils.

Scarlet, Baby Blue, White+Scarlet dot, Canary+Aqua dot Daisies.

Dotted pillowboxes.

Round-Miny Checked Envelopes.

Mini Checked Envelopes.

Euro-style Checked envelopes.

Seed-packet checked envelopes.

Cream/Canary Daffodils.

Apricot/Butter Daffodils.

Turquoise/Cream Daffodils.

Baby Blue/Apricot Daffodils.



More pic's of those gorgeous carnations.
I have tons of stuff to list.
Which I haven't managed to get listed.
The busy weekend is done.
The new goods must wait until tomorrow.


a quick trip to the city

I recieved a most lovely dress in the mail today.
It has little white stars all over it.
I have yet to post the weekend butterflies, flowers, tags and trims.
I will be most busy tomorrow.
I have been absent most of today.
I went to Whole Foods.
I love going there.
Loot from whole foods: gorgeous jams, coffee's, teas, spicy soap,
chocolate and vanilla vegan "ice cream", lots of organic stuff, etc.
I also went to the paper store.
Happy place.
Very happy place.
I have lots of sheets of lovely colors.
A bunch of new shades will pop up in the shop.



Today was my Dad's birthday. So I made cake. I didn't take a picture of the cake, because it is quite dark outside right now, and all I would post is a big brown blob.

I am designing new goods to post in the shop+here. I'm sooo behind on posting stuff.
I will be (as long as the weather holds) going on a craft/paper store run tomorrow.


the chips are down

I am plotting some projects. I have a desk, two dressers, and several lamps that need a makeover, mirrors and boards and many other little things. Many are from flea markets and antique shops.

Often when I get vintage lamps they require rewiring. One I got was totally frayed at the top, yikes, fire hazards galore. I have many more than this one to "red0" (5-6 or so). They will make an appearance here in the future. :)

I gotten a lot of them with this type of frame. Sometimes the frames are stained or broken/cracked. I like to bead, paint, or perhaps cover with specialty papers or fabric.

I love the gold speckles.

I am getting notorious at the hardware store for my paint chip/paint addiction.
This time around: creamy, earthy, natural whites.

The names of the colors draw me in.

A well-used brush.

More on the spring cleaning+projects soon...