wedding samples

Here are lots of pictures of some lovely things that I sent off in the mail today.
They are wedding samples. I hope they love them too. ;)

Copen Blue dotted Cream, Butter, Coral, and Lake blue Poppies.

Apricot+Coral, Cream+Butter, and Golden Yellow+Baby Blue Mini Daffodils.

Scarlet, Baby Blue, White+Scarlet dot, Canary+Aqua dot Daisies.

Dotted pillowboxes.

Round-Miny Checked Envelopes.

Mini Checked Envelopes.

Euro-style Checked envelopes.

Seed-packet checked envelopes.

Cream/Canary Daffodils.

Apricot/Butter Daffodils.

Turquoise/Cream Daffodils.

Baby Blue/Apricot Daffodils.


  1. the color scheme is so...soothing and pretty! i love that!

  2. Thank you :):)
    The colors they requested are red, blue, yellow and white. The wallpapery background really calms the bright colors. I like it. :):):) :D

  3. Absolutely in love with these! In the process of planning a wedding myself (but not yet engaged... SOON!) and today at work while checking out your Etsy shop, I officially selected you for my flowers! haha I love the bouquets in the top pictures but I am wondering if you could please post pictures of people actually holding them so your viewers could see the size ratio?