A week of Valentines: Day One

I *finally* have the size of pics that I've been dreaming of:
A huge thank you to Solanah (of Vixenvintage.blogspot fame :):))
You're just awesome for helping me out ;)
I am just soooo pleased. :)

Here is the first "Valentine" that I have made this week:

Every valentine should contain chocolate. I love the foil.

Some cards for a lady who rather likes writing and sending paper-mail. The foil heart stickers are from her childhood. Then when I was a little kid, she sent them to me in letters.

I made a 6 each of these cards and envelopes too.

The gifts wrapped up. I sewed the packets for the card sets from waxed paper, then pinked the edges. The others are in sewn glassine bags.

The box should be as lovely as anything that you place in it. That is why I love wrapping gifts, I love the thrill of the unknown and the fanciful. As soon as I saw these postage stamps, I envisioned this box.


  1. Your Valentines are beautiful. Anyone would love to receive one.

    Your photos are always so clear and colorful. May I ask how you do your lighting when photographing? I would love for my photos to be as good as yours.


  2. Thank you :):)
    This is all one Valentine, I have lots more to post this week. :):)

    Thank you for the photo compliments, I spend a lot of time with my face mashed against the viewfinder, and I am always delighted to hear that the pics look good.

    The lighting: I have a finicky camera. It only takes really good pics at certain times of the day. I {always} use natural daylight. I won't take pics without it. To get the clearest pics with my camera I usually use a south window. The times that are best to get good color rendering and clarity are about post-dawn or pre-sunset, never ever at midday, otherwise the pics get washed out and shadowy.
    Hopefully that answers your question. :):):)

  3. Thanks so much for the picture taking advice. It is very helpful!


  4. you are very welcome :)
    happy photographing. :)