Some-more daisies

Here are two of the photo's of the pretties I listed tonight...
I ran out of time to take photographs today, I have very patient people awaiting pics of stuff.
{I'll get them posted tomorrow! really I will. :):):)}

I have lots of new daisies to post. I'll be posting/listing more as soon as I can.
And lots of new butterflies and other lovely things {to see the butterflies, just drop by the shop :)}

Other stuff:
I've been featured in two lovely treasuries.
{I have links in my etsy shoppe announcements: http://www.thegildedbee.etsy.com }
One of them has some fantastic millinery sources. I am so crazy for hats.


  1. Hello,

    I just love your blog. I look at it pretty much everyday and always like what you post. Is it ok that I put you on my sidebar of my blog? I realized I should have asked before doing so.


  2. hi hi, :)
    No problem at all~thank you for the compliments and for liking my blog so well as to share it. :):)