semi-famous once more...

I was on the front page of Etsy tonight, and I missed seeing it. Oh well.
I wasn't expecting anything. I wasn't aware that I was in any treasuries. Thank you mystery treasury-person. ;)
These are some of my favorite flowers. I have just listed them (and a bunch of butterflies... to see the rest of the pics go here: )


daffodils and lace

I seem to be having days of mass listings, I don't think that next week will be an exception. I do have some non-g.bee stuff to post here, I must do that very soon. ;)

Here are a few highlights of todays goods:
{the lace tags}:

the lovely daffodils.
For some time now, I have wanted to design some bigger versions of my little daffodils,
today I have completed the first batch.
I just love them, they're very happy flowers.

{for lots+more photographs of the pretties go here: }


the octagon tags

To see more photographs:
I have just listed these candy-coloured pretties in my shoppe:
{ }
I have been quite busy today making these tags. I love all of these colors, and I adore the striped twine.
{shell pink+chocolate}

{black=scarlet+coral+bright pink+strawberry pink+bubble gum pink+shell pink+peach+canary+butter yellow+caramel creme+cream+white+mint+baby blue+turquoise+orchid}

{chocolate=scarlet+bubble gum pink+strawberry pink+shell pink+peach+butter yellow+caramel creme+cream+white+mint+baby blue+turquoise+orchid}

they look like a little class photo here. :)


the beautiful blogger award

I have been tagged with an award! Now I believe I'm supposed to share 7 random bits about myself... :)
I usually eat a little bit of dark chocolate everyday.
I'm love flea marketing+second-hand shopping+rummage sales.
I taught myself how to sew, and have been sewing my own clothes for about 2 1/2 years.
I love the crust on freshly baked bread.
I have an obsession with flowers.I collect vintage coats, mostly very long ones.

I adore naturally-really-curly hair.


ruffled crepe trims

I finally have these done! They are so tasty.
I just listed 19 new colors+rolls of these trims:{ }
{French blue}


to see the rest of the colors just drop by my shoppe:


little things are a few little things that are on my mind today..
..very, very red enamel for painting..
..tiny salt shakers to fill with very fine glitter.. wonderful bakers twine from whisker graphics which I continue to attempt to tie to everything in sight..
..small sheets of perfectly white cardstock, something so little, with so much potential..
..a sack full of blank circle tags, waiting to be completed..

..special buttons from the dime store bargain bin, awaiting the garments they are to adorn..


apricot+cream diamonds dress

This is another dress that I made. I sewed this one for an antique-shopping trip fall 2009.
It has some of my favorite buttons along the front. It is made with an odd-diamond type print fabric.

I've been sewing all day. I haven't gotten a single garment done though. I've been sewing up heaps of lovely trims for the shoppe. I have a great deal of stuff to list. More all the time. The weather has turned into a scene from march of the penguins. We have road closings due to white out conditions. I haven't been able to mail any orders today. I will as soon as possible. Until then I'll keep pegging away on my goods+orders. Maybe I'll actually make something I can wear. ;)