Lace+Butterflies Card: A Tutorial

I have so badly wanted to share this tutorial all week. Now I finally have had a chance to get these things assembled and pictures taken.
This is one of my Christmas thank you cards. You could certainly use this card for most anything. They would be lovely for save-the-date cards.
Supplies you'll need for this card:
1. square petal envelope template (you'll need a sheet of cardstock {8.5x11"} for this)
2. 1 sheet cardstock
3. 1 piece of 3.5x7.5 inch-cardstock
4. 1 paper doily (mine was 8" in diameter/I cut it in half, a smaller doily would work just as well)
5. scissors
6. decorative edging-scissors
7. hot glue gun+hot glue stick (I find white craft glue to be too moist here, and it has a much longer drying time)
8. glue stick
9. 1 vintage-style butterfly
{step 1.}
Print off envelope/enclosure at 133% on a piece of cardstock+cut out.
Trace onto your other sheet of cardstock+cut out+fold along the lines shown on the template.
{step 2.}
Fold your 3.5x7.5 sheet of cardstock over in half+on the other edge trim with the decorative scissors.
{step 3.}
Using your glue stick, apply a thin even layer of glue on the front of the card+adhere your doily+press to smooth down. Trim off excess doily on edges of card.
{step 4.}
Using the hot glue gun, apply a bead of glue to the center back of the butterfly+adhere to upper center of card.
{step 5.}
Apply a bead of hot glue around the edge on the back of the card. Center card+stick to the inside of the envelope/enclosure. Stand back+admire your tasty little card.

Seal+with+love. Or wax.