golden roses and grey skies dress

This is a shirtdress that I made this fall. I adore the floral material. I wish I had yards and yards of it. It's longer than most of the dresses that I've made. It has an a-line skirt and princess seams.
{more vintage buttons I do believe}

I was messing around on Ebay and Etsy last night looking for dress patterns. I found one that was {perfect} and that I would never consider purchasing excepting that idea that I had. It's from the 1980's, which is a decade that I rarely get anything from. However, it's similar to a 40's dress pattern that I was drooling over~soo~with a little styling I should be able to vintage it up a bit. I also bought another pattern from the same seller, it's a jacket/trench/skirt pattern from the 70's. I really love them and can't wait to create some garments with the "new" patterns. {the seller is }

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