The winter storm did come.
With enough ice to cover everything with at least half an inch glaze, and in other areas, much more.
I slowly and cautiously wondered around taking some photographs.


The pin oak trees keep their leaves until the spring.
The leaves looked gorgeous with the glaze.
Ed stayed close by. He was a bit disconcerted by the ice rink in the yard.

Eddie and Patches find the camera...
I let them out to play while I took pics

Patches. She needed some love.

All of the trees are like these. I didn't dare stop and stand under any of the trees or buildings due to the heavy branches falling every minute or so. We have a branch from a very old tree that is the size of a small tree which is currently completely blocking the driveway...hmmm.

other things:

I was featured on two blogs today! yay!

{oh hello friend} ..

{frenchie and flea}


  1. Congrats on getting featured! Your photos are *amazing*. You make ice and snow look like sculptured art. And your dogs...? So handsome!

  2. thank you!!
    There is ice absolutely everywhere. It has been "raining" branches and free-form ice cubes. I'm very glad that our driveway has been cleared and I could mail stuff. ;):)
    Edward and Patches are purebred rough collies, and are brother and sister. They are both dolls. They've have been rather bored (hence the excitement at the play-time), since the humans don't like to be outside (they have a kennel out in the yard/they don't live in the house, ha, they would like to :D) in this weather very much. :)