little things

..here are a few little things that are on my mind today..
..very, very red enamel for painting..
..tiny salt shakers to fill with very fine glitter..
..my wonderful bakers twine from whisker graphics which I continue to attempt to tie to everything in sight..
..small sheets of perfectly white cardstock, something so little, with so much potential..
..a sack full of blank circle tags, waiting to be completed..

..special buttons from the dime store bargain bin, awaiting the garments they are to adorn..


  1. Such pretty things! The salt shakers are going to look darling filled with glitter! You have such a creative eye! xo

  2. sorry, i was distracted by the background pattern. which is super cute!

  3. hi taylor b. :)
    thanks so much for the award!
    I'll do that post asap...

  4. thank you Betz! I'll have to take a browse around your blog ;)

  5. hi linz, :) thanks. I almost passed up this background at the shop, but I just couldn't in the end. It's delightfully distracting. ;D