Blue Twill Dress

I really wanted to get a tutorial posted today, and absolutely haven't gotten close.
We are snowed in. Again. Ick. It snowed for about 10 hours yesterday. Today the wind picked up to about 40 mph. It has been a total white-out all day and has drifted so much that the Highway is closed, and everyone gets a holiday from school and day jobs.
I hope that the wind dies down and they will plow the hwy+roads, so that I can get my parcels off. I have people who need their butterflies!
I was on the front page of Etsy last night! Wow.
I have gotten so many hearts for my goods and shop, and several features on other peoples blogs (thank you to all of you! you're the best!). I have a bunch of tasty new goodies to list for my shop. I really wanted to do that today too. I woke up this morning with a splitting headache, and squished ambitions. Blast! I will compensate for that tomorrow! Stay tuned for colorful and sparkly goods+a card tutorial.
Another shirtdress. ;) Yes, they are my favorite. This is made from lovely cotton twill.
This was the first time that made fabric covered buttons~ I just love them. I'm having visions of a classy wool coat with lots and lots of big fabric covered buttons. I had an idea to make a black wool coat, very long, with princess seams. Or maybe I can find one via thrifting. I'm fattening the piggy bank for a fling at the charity shops in the city. I'm always looking for certain things: vintage jewelry, vintage linens+sheets, kitten heels, the perfect black pumps (I haven't found these yet), hats, lovely coats and woolen items.


  1. Your dress looks great and I love the buttons. :)

    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. Hope you feel better! The buttons ARE cute, and I love the sleeves!

  3. Thank you Alex! I was totally spent until I had some coffee (of all things!), and that took the edge off, then I hit the sack early, I think that I was just really exhausted.
    I've been running around like mad today and only getting about 20% of all of the crafting that I'd like to get done. Oh well. ;)

  4. Awww... thank you Linz. I'm doing better. ;)
    I altered the sleeves on this pattern so that they would be elbow length (you can't tell as much when it isn't on a person). :):)

  5. hello, hello! i just love all of your shirt dresses, they are truly darling. did you make the pattern yourself? or may i ask where you found it? i dream of sewing my own dress someday!