the beautiful blogger award

I have been tagged with an award! Now I believe I'm supposed to share 7 random bits about myself... :)
I usually eat a little bit of dark chocolate everyday.
I'm love flea marketing+second-hand shopping+rummage sales.
I taught myself how to sew, and have been sewing my own clothes for about 2 1/2 years.
I love the crust on freshly baked bread.
I have an obsession with flowers.I collect vintage coats, mostly very long ones.

I adore naturally-really-curly hair.


  1. congratulations! i also love red hair! there's just something so vibrant and full of life in that hue. then again, i also love rich brown and dark blue-black and almost white blond. :) by the addition to flea markets, etc., i've picked up a couple of items off the street that actually look wonderful after you refinish 'em!

  2. I said really curly hair, how I wish mine was, I have this fantasy of having hair like Elizabeth Taylors. It's really quite like Julie Andrews styling from the 60's. ;) red hair is so very beautiful though. :) I come from a family of people with medium brown hair, blue eyes, and pink and white skin (we owe that to our British Isles/heritage).
    I have a dresser that I picked up at a flea market for $9 or so. I paint them/change the hardware. I should post one sometime.