apricot+cream diamonds dress

This is another dress that I made. I sewed this one for an antique-shopping trip fall 2009.
It has some of my favorite buttons along the front. It is made with an odd-diamond type print fabric.

I've been sewing all day. I haven't gotten a single garment done though. I've been sewing up heaps of lovely trims for the shoppe. I have a great deal of stuff to list. More all the time. The weather has turned into a scene from march of the penguins. We have road closings due to white out conditions. I haven't been able to mail any orders today. I will as soon as possible. Until then I'll keep pegging away on my goods+orders. Maybe I'll actually make something I can wear. ;)


  1. i salivate over your dresses. seriously.

  2. thank you so much ;)
    I have so many that I haven't finished yet, they're half sewn. I'll have to get motivated and get some more posted for you to see. :):)

  3. Make something we can all wear! You have beautiful styling and talent.

  4. thank you! I have another dress I need to post just as soon as I have finished the sleeve hem.
    What sort of project do you think that I should make next? ;)

  5. aprons are always cute. or tea towels.

  6. I have some vintage and vintage repro fabric I've been holding onto for an apron(s). I cook and craft everyday, and have a great need for more {long} aprons. :)