more daisies

here are the newest floral additions to the shoppe:
more daisies: :)

shell pink+tangerine+apricot+bright pink

basil+chartreuse+green tea+butter

turquoise+robins egg+white

Other stuff:

I was featured today over on Pipe and Pepper! Yay :) I love their photo's:

We do not watch sports. We are far more likely to watch a how-to program, or something BBC.
However, we L-O-V-E the Olympics. We're plastered to the television set.

I got a dress, a coat and a handbag {all vintage} in the mail. I just went crazy for them. They're just so gorgeous and so perfect. I have gotten vintage stuff before (on the web) and sometimes the items are a let-down. Sometimes they are waaay better than you anticipated. Today's were the latter. I love them (and they fit!!).

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