A week of Valentines: Day Two

Day two of Valentines:
Here are the contents of another box for a friend:

5 little jotters

This person is a major book person, so I thought that a nice bookbag would be a good "central element" to compile a themed box around.

a close-up of two of the jotters

I made 8 of each of these styles of bookmarks.

I wrapped all of these gifts in nice crinkly brown paper...

And flowers...

and string and candy stripe ribbons.


  1. Very beautiful and fun. I'm a big reader myself and this would be something I would want for Valentines day.

  2. thank you :):)
    I hope that I got all of the colors just right, and that she will like it :):)

  3. I know she will love it! How could she not? I'm in love with the first photo of notebooks. How did you do that on spiral-bound? I'm so glad you're getting good use out of the paper. :) And those bookmarks! You should sell those, dear. :)

    ps. Nice, big photos! I'm glad you were able to figure that out......with the help of other lovely bloggers, of course. :) I love the blogging/etsy community. :)

  4. thank you. :):)
    for the spiral bounds: I made a template and traced it onto the paper. Then I cut it out, punched the holes to go over the wires, and adhered the paper to the notebook front. :)
    I love the paper.

  5. I like the jotters. I wouldn't mind having a few for my pocketbook.