the chips are down

I am plotting some projects. I have a desk, two dressers, and several lamps that need a makeover, mirrors and boards and many other little things. Many are from flea markets and antique shops.

Often when I get vintage lamps they require rewiring. One I got was totally frayed at the top, yikes, fire hazards galore. I have many more than this one to "red0" (5-6 or so). They will make an appearance here in the future. :)

I gotten a lot of them with this type of frame. Sometimes the frames are stained or broken/cracked. I like to bead, paint, or perhaps cover with specialty papers or fabric.

I love the gold speckles.

I am getting notorious at the hardware store for my paint chip/paint addiction.
This time around: creamy, earthy, natural whites.

The names of the colors draw me in.

A well-used brush.

More on the spring cleaning+projects soon...

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