I have been adding new cotton twines into the shop (which mysteriously seems to be backwards/I didn't arrange it that way).
I like the new wrappers. :)
Jasper: my supervisor.
This is a color match made in heaven.

long scalloped oval tags: in my favorite rainbow assortment.

The burning question of the weekend (which {probably} only I would consider a burning question): how to get bigger pictures onto the blog? I have been asking other bloggers (I'll ask some more before I am through) for their tips. The only one to reply thus far is the lovely Solanah of Vixenvintage.blogspot. She uses a photoshop program. I don't have that program. I'll have to inquire further about this photobucket program (If you're reading this: "hi" ;)). You'll know when I crack the secret code of big brilliant photo goodness. Soon. Very soon.

Other things: I have a week of lovely Valentine stuff to post. Sooo, stay tuned for that. ;)

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