How the odd days come and go...


I have nearly a weeks worth of lovely half-finished posts to complete.
How. How can a schedule become so full?
I make it a point to take photo's and work on projects at a steady pace.
This weeks schedule became jammed at an alarming rate.
{ If you're still waiting to hear from me, it's true, I am, in fact, not dead, and will reply quite soon. If you like, e-mail me again ;) :D }
I have been working through a lot more custom orders than usual.
I'm still working on those.
I've been keeping strange hours in order to complete those (yes, you with the pretties from me, you are so important), waking with the dawn and watching the moon chart its course through the cold dark a.m. hours.
This week has involved a great deal of organic coffee and dark, dark chocolate.
I'll be posting those bits and pieces as soon as possible + some tutorials and special projects.
happy day :)


  1. Somehow September is so busy for me too...I hope you are doing well and coffee is always great for weeks like that:)
    Happy Monday

  2. Yes, I seems to be a swamped month :)
    happy monday to you too! :)

  3. your blog is wonderful! just discovered you and cannot wait to buzzzzz through all your ideas! i am getting married next year!


  4. i totally know what you mean lady! my days are sooo full with projects.. i've been pretty ambitious lately and wanting to do everything haha!

  5. thank you Samantha ;)
    I'll post some-more diy projects very soon :)

  6. Yes, sept. is so busy, I'm vaguely wondering where all of the time is going.
    I've lots of projects and posts to tackle today :)