A Piece of Correspondence

During the average week, I'm usually so busy that the only letters I write are e-mails.
I decided to write a regular letter. Hand written.
It's good to slow myself down and do things like letter writing or bread baking or taking a walk.


Components: a tasty+perfect square curry envelope, chalk ink, matching postage, floral stamps,
one of my lovely labels from paper pastries, some copic markers...
I *love* odd postage. These little chairs are not vintage, but I love them all the same.
They look really cool in groups. And they are four cents. I like that.

The card: gorgeous double sided paper (that I've been hoarding).
Using my sewing machine, I sewed 4 pages of blue grey paper along the fold, making a sort of notebook card.

I love wax seals and fountain pens.
When I got the wax sticks, I thought that I'd drip some wax on, and seal it, and it would look just like the color of the wax stick. Wrong--it's so much better!, the wax gets a little smoky from the flame, producing a wonderful marbled seal. One of my favorite way to create interesting patterns in the wax is to impress buttons--esp. vintage buttons--into the hot wax.
This floral roll is one of my newly acquired fabric tapes, I'm enjoying using the fabric tapes on all kinds of stuff, about anything I can stick it on.
The card+the glassine bag (one from my lovely trade w/mr rabbit sir on etsy :) {in case you were wondering what I might be doing with my new toys...:D}.

A pink glassine bag, some retro dime store gummed butterfly seals, water-activated security envelope tape.
I stuffed the card in the envelope and the envelope into this bag.


The bag went into this envelope. I like the aspect of layers. It makes the whole thing more interesting to open.

I stamped the envelope and the tinted the images with my copics.
Voila. A fancy-ish bit of correspondence for a friend. :)


  1. Beautiful!! A charming way to recive one of these beauties

  2. Those are so beautiful!!! I love getting letters and those are such a pretty envelopes, stamps and butterflies :) Awww...stunning,sweetie:)

    Kisses and have a great Monday:)

  3. Awwww, thank you! ;) :):)
    happy monday to you too! :)

  4. I am a softie for beautiful stationary. I was also pleasantly surprised to recognize the square pink and black floral stamp as one that I, too, own. Love this blog!

  5. thank you! ;)
    Ah yes, the stamp: from Michaels a.k.a the toy store. :D
    I just got some more from the ever enticing dollar bins. I can't wait to try them out on some new projects. :):):)