A bag and a blouse, part one


I'm finally getting around to some sewing.
I've been so busy lately, that the sewing end of things has lapsed for month's now.
I bought this purse frame on my trip to NYC a few years ago.
I got the flower fabric a couple of weeks ago.
I went to the fabric store to get some wool felt, without intending to get anything else. However, I spotted this stuff and couldn't resist getting a 1/4 yd. for a handbag.
I have had some odd-hours lately, and was up rather late last night.
I managed to sneak in some sewing on the bag. I am just up to the point of sewing in the lining, and will post the finished project as soon as possible.


Here is the other project I started:
The Sencha Blouse, variation no. 2.
It is a "Colette" pattern (they are awesome!).
{ }
I loved the design. It also seems like a well-written/easy to follow pattern+instructions.
I haven't gotten as far as sewing any seams.
I plan to finish this project as soon as the bag is done.


  1. How fun...I cant wait to see them all ready:) Wish you a fantastic Monday, my dear

  2. I'm nearly done with the bag, and with post that as soon as I can :)
    have a lovely monday too!

  3. Ooo lala! Love both of these! Can't wait to see the finished products. :)