I spotted this post over on Kiss My Spatula---and just had to make some.

To make mine, (I seem to do things the hard way :D)
I started by making the bread. I'm very fond of artisinal breads, and esp. wholegrain ones.
I started to assemble the ingredients, and noticed that I didn't have mayo...
so I made some mayo...
Not just any dressing though, mine was made with sweet basil from the garden, olive oil, lemon and an egg from a local farm.
It is really good.


{lovely images via I would have posted my own, but it was dark by the time I finished the sandwiches/my camera doesn't take fabulous low light shots}

This spring, when I was hunting around in the plant nursery I was excited to find some heirloom tomatoes. They are now producing gorgeous fruits ranging from golden yellow, to orange, to deep red/shaded with deep green or purple.
I had one in particular, a deep red specimen that was just large enough to fit on a slice of bread.
I also used lettuce from the garden.
It was such a good sandwich.


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  2. That looks amazing! yummm. ooh, and with homemade mayo. What a great idea. I can't wait till all of my tomatoes get ripe! I noticed one was turning orange this am.

  3. hi Josh, :)
    I'll have to go check out your site... :)

  4. thanks ;) they were really good :D