Today I made lots of goods for G.Bee.
Then I went antique+supply shopping w/ my sister (more posting of goods from that trip to come soon :))
Then I made oven fries with lots of pepper, and a rich flourless chocolate cake.
I have about a zillion and a half new styles of tags to list, new boxes, roses, cornflowers, miny envelopes, miny cards, seals, twine...
I could go on! :)
I also have (in the works) lovely new trims and garlands, kits and bits, all kinds of stuff, this seems to be the hour where my mind runs like mad with ideas and color.
Also, I will be posting some new giveaways rather soon, the first within the next few days...



Round two of new goods for the shoppe: bunches of Poppies.
I listed a few dozen colors.



  1. you know i LOVE poppies! ;)
    i'll have to come by once these are listed.
    mmmm, fun colors, friend.

  2. thank you ;)
    I just got them listed in the shoppe...
    There are a lot more pictures of them over there.