the bell jars+pugly pixel

This lovely feature is via Pugly Pixel (hi! :))
Some fabulous jars with some familiar looking flowers...

bell jars

She composed a tutorial about these jars. I am having ideas about making some to display in the "studio". I have some tiny mustard jars I've been squirrelling away for a special project, and this would be a perfect project for them.

to read the article, and perhaps make some of your own pretties:


  1. i'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial, Sasha and i can hardly wait to see your *special project*. i know it will take my breath away! :D

  2. I love it! :):)
    thank you so much for posting it!
    I will probably post it this week :):)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing - they look to whimsical. I love it!

  4. They are so cool. :)
    I dug out my jars from the "all-the-craft-stuff-i-don't-know-where-else-to-store" bin.
    And am plotting my layout ;)

  5. These are very unusual and extremely cute. I love it.

  6. What a creative idea. I may have to do this. That way the flowers won't get dusty and faded. Thank you for sharing.