a rainy day


I love this plant. It is covered with the most happy faced little flowers.
Today was rainy. The grass and growing things are pleased.
I have been moving heavy furniture. I must organize bric-a-brac tomorrow.
And make flowers.
There were a lot of tasks to do at the beginning of this week.
I am working on relocating my studio space, and it is taking a lot of time.
I must paint (yay!) it this week.
Sooo... I have a lot of flowers that I am behind on listing.
Soon. Very soon. :)


  1. Beautiful picture.

    I hope you get your studio done. Make painting it fun, not work!

  2. Thank you :)

    I meant {Yay} painting with a happy face :):):)
    That part is more artisty than sweating and grunting. hahahahha :):)
    I like to play music/audio books while I work, then it's more fun. :):)
    The really hard part is moving all of the furniture out of a place, doing repairs, then organizing the stuff that got moved out, then moving my furniture in. My muscles feel like I was working out in a gym for 5 days. :D

  3. that is a gorgeous photo!

    good luck with your studio....will we get to see the finished product? (hint,hint)


  4. aww, thank you :)
    Yes of course I will :):):)
    I'm excited and antsy to get it done.
    I have a bunch of projects/furniture for the studio that I'll post too. :):)

  5. you have a lovely blog. beautiful photos.


  6. If I turn on music while I work I never get anything done!
    Moving the furniture in and out is a pain.

  7. Yes indeed, the furniture is tiring.
    The music helps me to stay with my project, I actually time certain tasks to be completed during the length of a CD or album.
    Everyone has their tricks to help.
    Work is work though :D
    Ruthless throw-away-everything demolition cleaning is so much less annoying than meticulous sorting of little objects.