why, thank you

I was so surprised today when I wondered over to Oh Hello Friend---and found out that this blog was one of the main attractions! I'm so flattered!
( )

Much Thanks to Danni for the feature!
Hello: to all of my visitors and to my new followers, so happy to have you ;)
Thank you to all of you who left such nice comments on the oh hello friend post and right here! :)

A little heads up:
I have another Giveaway coming up this week! Stay tuned for the link :)
I may have another Giveaway going on beside that one :)
AND quite soon...
I will be posting tutorials, free templates and clip art in honor of The Lovely Package Exchange.


  1. I love your blog! I found it and your etsy shop through Danni's giveaway a couple of weeks ago for the lovely package exhange. I just made my first purchase from The Gilded Bee today and I am so excited! Your partner for the package exhange is going to be one lucky girl! Your packages will be amazing! Take care. Heather

  2. Blogs like yours are not only aesthetically pleasing, but full of inspiration too! You're photography skills make me jealous too....any pointers? Hahaha

  3. I found your blog yesterday via Tumblr and came back today for more. Your styling is so dreamy and beautiful. I can't wait to see your new giveaways and new inspiration.

  4. Congrats on such a wonderful feature-- you deserve it!! xo

  5. your giveaways are always the BEST! :)
    thanks for all your pretty pictures and lovely inspiration! xo.

  6. Aww, thanks Heather :)
    the packaging loot is on it's way ;)
    It's my first time doing the package exchange and I'm looking forward to trying some new wrappings and trappings :)

  7. thank you Co Co :)
    I take my photos with diffused natural daylight only (I haven't yet mastered low-light photography),
    If it's close up, I always use the macro settings, I have taken thousands of pictures (most of the earliest ones were hair-raising-ly bad) and have found that practice and fiddling with the settings help.
    I also edit digital photos (the fastest way to add tints like the one on the photo above).

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  9. Thank you Fairlightday :)
    The first giveaway is coming right up...

  10. thank YOU Danni :):):)
    I'm still just so tickled over that post.

  11. I can understand why! Your blog is wonderful.