Spiral Roses: A Tutorial

I was searching for botanical pics on the internet, when I stumbled on a blog article with these roses (dozi design). She had been inspired by a magazine article. I practiced making some of these and really like them. So I thought I'd share them with you:

Step 1:
On a square piece of cardstock (mine was 4x4) draw a spiral.

Step 2:
Working along the line, cut out the spiral.

Step 3:
On the outer edge, roll toward the center.
Keep rolling until you reach the center.

Step 4:
To keep it from unrolling, I tacked mine with a little bit of glue at the end.

These would look charming on a parcel. Some leaves and or tiny flowers would work with these too. With some practice, these are easy (and quick) to do without the pencil lines as a guide.


  1. Lovely and simple, as you said. Next time in color, please!

  2. Thank you ;)
    I'll be making more of these... so I'm sure they'll make an apearance in color.

  3. Very pretty indeed! (oh, and it looks simple and easy too!)

  4. thank you ;)
    They are quite easy :)
    I'll post some pics of some with leaves quite soon...

  5. I just came from your wonderful Etsy shop- just had to say hi!!!

  6. Fun! Thanks for sharing!