10 things that I am doing...


It has been an odd fall so far...with a very stuffed schedule and seemingly thousands of tasks left to do...

Some things that are going on here at the lab...
1. Making things for a craft fair
2. Assembling hundreds of lovely new goods for the shoppe
3. I'm designing some lights for the "studio"
4. the studio is undergoing yet more renovation, so things are a little...odd
5. I just made a batch of granola, I should post a recipe sometime
6. Plotting things to make for Thanksgiving...
7. Hoarding things that are shiny and sparkly
8. I am making garlands
9. I am wrapping things on spools
10. Admiring yellow and orange and red leaves


  1. "The Lab" :p

    I am imagining you in a long lab coat, goggles, and a big Albert Einstein/Mad Scientist wig, at your desk mixing potions, with various explosions happening, while you laugh maniacally, and when the smoke from each explosion clears you have a new bouquet of your paper flowers where the test tubes holding the potions used to be. :p

  2. I've been thinking about getting a lab coat...
    then I can go for that scientist look.
    That would be interesting if flowers were produced that way.

  3. sounds fun to me. :)

  4. Task #10 is one of my favorites. And it can take forever, so watch out!


    Camila F.