{Winter Hats}

I've been making hats like mad lately. I wear them quite often. More so in this {frigid} weather.
This one is made from corduroy remnants {always perfect for hats and flowers}
grosgrain ribbon, a little peach rose, vintage forget-me-nots and black seam binding on the edge of the brim.
I made this flower with some lovely vintage stamens.
This is the hat that I was wearing yesterday. I made it on Sunday. I love the way it turned out. :)
It is made from chocolate wool felt+a big burgundy rose+raspberry-green ombre velvet leaves.
This was made from an upcycled wool skirt, and hat. I posted a grey cloche before. After that posting, I absolutely wore it to death. I didn't fancy pitching it, that's not really my style, unless totally neccessary. So I cut it up, inverted the material and composed a large flower for this hat.

This is one of my favorite hats. I've been wearing it quite a lot this winter. It is blueish-greyish-teal wool felt that I appliqued with the same material.
I like the lining too. ;) All of these hats that I've posted have linings~I just didn't take the take to post them.

I saw a hat in a Victorian trading co. catalog: it was black with a big cluster of gorgeous velvet violets. I have adored that hat for a while now... so I thought that it was time to create one. This hat is made from black wool+some lovely purple velvet violets that I found on ebay.


  1. Nice hats! The flowers are great on them, and I really like the upcycled one. :-) But my favorite is the blue with matching appliques! FAB. :-)

  2. Thank you very much :)
    I'm making more...
    I just finished a new one last night.

  3. Hi_ I was wondering if you had a pattern for this style of hat- I would buy it:)